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Welcome to Blue Streak™, a manufacturer of superior quality chemical dispensing systems for RV and marine use. If you have a  low water useage marine toilet, you may not know the proper flush-to-chemical ratio. In fact, many people overuse chemicals; it is difficult trying to guess the appropriate amount. With our innovative Blue Streak Chemical™ dispensing system, you can use the correct amount of chemicals with each flush. It Revolutionary!!

Our dispensing systems use non-electric, chemical injectors that work by creating a vacuum to draw the correct amount of chemicals from the reservoir. Using the right amount of chemicals in your marine or RV toilet is important for many reasons, not only will you save money, but you will remain environmentally conscious. Our products control the odor in your RV; expect a fresh, baby powder scent every time you flush.



The Blue Streak Dispenser comes with White or Off White cover and everything you need to install. $64.95 

 Free shipping  US

The Blue Streak Chemical is a non-formaldehyde deodorant that is specialty formulated to work with the Blue Streak Dispenser. The chemical contains detergent and a lubricant, so with each flush it deodorizes, cleanse, and lubricates. It is three chemical in one.

3 pack is $38.95

 Free shipping   US



6 pack is $65.95

Free Shipping  US

Blue Streak Dispenser with a 3 pack of chemical. Come with a White or Off White cover. $95.95

Free Shipping  US

A Revolutionary Automatic Chemical
Dispenser &

Chemical for your RV and Marine

Toilet and Holding Tank

It dispenses the correct amount of chemical with each flush.

Give Blue Streak a try for 30 days and if you’re not 100% satisfied
I will totally refund your purchase!

Away from HOME? Out of CHEMICAL? We ship UPS direct to YOU at your park or campground.

Eliminates guessing. Non-electric chemical injector controls the correct amount of chemical with every flush - no waste or spillage.

Get 400 flushes per quart of chemical. Just fill the dispenser and forget it!

Use with non-formaldehyde Blue Streak Chemical.
Pleasant baby powder fragrance. 
Fresh blue in your toilet bowl.

Automatic Chemical
Metering & Dispenser Kit
for RV
& MARINE Toilets

U.S. Patent Number 4,984,306

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 We would like to welcome
Linssen Yachts
From Holland

Who have found the
Blue Streak Dispenser
to solve their holding tank
odor problems.
So if you have a camper or a yacht
we can solve your
holding tank odor too





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