No Guessing, No Mess
Blue Streak Dispenser

  • No more measuring, touching, spilling & adding RV chemical to your RV holding tank each time you empty it. The Blue Streak Dispenser uses a non-electric injector that controls the correct amount of Blue Streak RV Chemical in the bowl and holding tank with every flush. Every flush gives you a fresh baby powder aroma. Plus Blue Streak Chemical contains lubricant to help keep seals and marine o-ring working.

  • Automatically CLEANS, DEODORIZES & LUBRICATES SEALS AND MARINE O-RINGS No more holding tank chemical smell in your RV bathroom.

Everything you need is in the box!
Dispenser kit includes installation instructions specific to stool model, chemical holder with attractive cover in white or cream, mounting screws, hose clamps, clear vinyl tubing with auto-metering t-valve for RV Toilets with ½" inside diameter water line and one 32 oz bottle of Blue Streak Chemical.

USA RV & Marine Dealers - If you are interested in selling our products, joining our dealers with volume buying, we will be happy to work with you.  Dispenser Kit is now available in convenient display packaging with barcoding. 
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Blue Streak Dispenser
How It Works

The Blue Streak Dispenser is a chemical injector that adds a metered amount of chemical to the flush line of RV stools. 

The t-valve is a venturi that creates a vacuum to draw the chemical from the reservoir and mixes it with the water passing through the t-valve.  The t-valve also contains a check valve to stabilize the systems between flushes. On the side of the t-valve is a small arrow, which indicates the direction the water needs to flow through it to create a vacuum. If installed backwards it will not draw chemical from the reservoir.

The metering tip controls how much chemical to water ratio (or mix) you get in the stool. The approximate mix is one ounce chemical to five gallons of water. It should give you a color mix that is between a royal blue and a sky blue in the stool. The tip is preset and there is no adjustment.

The reservoir, which is mounted on the wall, should be no higher than the top of the stool. It can be mounted lower than the stool or in a basement compartment. If the reservoir is mounted higher than the stool, the chemical will flow freely into the bowl and give you a very dark blue color.

If you remove the line from the reservoir always be sure to use silicone sealer on the fitting when reattaching the line.  The mold line on the stem sometimes will allow chemical to leak out if you don't.

The tube pinch on the line between the tank and the t-valve is a service clamp, only for use when repairing the stool, or to stop the flow of the chemical.

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